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31. March 2016

The festival organizers have announced two laureates thus far

This year’s Art Film Fest will continue the tradition of awarding notable film-industry personages, but this time in Košice, the urban centre of East Slovakia. The […]
31. March 2016

24th Art Film Fest picks popcorn as visual leitmotif

“Popcorn equals cinema, but cinema is more than just popcorn!” This was the concept that won photographer and graphic designer Dávid Doroš the 24th Art Film […]
10. December 2015

ART FILM FEST 2016 introduces „Be2Can starter“

One of the most significant innovations in a program of the upcoming 24th ART FILM FEST is the premiere of the “Be2Can starter” section. Thanks to […]
9. December 2015

ART FILM FEST International film festival in Košice

Košice, the metropolis of eastern Slovakia, is in 2016 becoming a proud host of International Film Festival ART FILM FEST. The 24the anniversary of this acclaimed […]
26. June 2015

Blue Angel for Best Film goes to Ixcanul

Blue Angel for Best Film goes to Ixcanul Jayro Bustamante and his team show us a very intimate family story among the indigenous people in Guatemala, […]
26. June 2015

Kukura: The role of a lifetime

If I get to kingdom come and meet everyone who’s won the Actor’s Mission Award, it’ll be a lovely bash. There are many of them I’d […]
23. June 2015

Every film so far has had a ray of hope

What makes a film good? According to film historian Laura Aimone, veteran of numerous world-class festivals, it’s when the viewer not only loses their concept of […]
22. June 2015

Peredo Pilar: We made an offering to the volcano

María lives at the foot of a volcano. She’s 17 years old, she has Mayan roots and features, and that’s really all there is to say. […]
21. June 2015

Ján Ďuriš: Camerawork is the painting of our age

Making pictures that aren’t pretty, but essential. Such is the credo cinematographer Ján Ďuriš tries to live by. The latest recipient of the Golden Camera repeated […]
20. June 2015

ANNA GEISLEROVÁ: The body can’t tell feigned tears from real ones

“My biggest influence is David Lynch. His films showed me a type of acting that was totally new to me,” says Anna Geislerová. The actress, bearer […]
18. June 2015

Black Souls won four prizes at Venice, including the Pasinetti Award for Best Film.

No less than nine “Italian Oscars” have gone to director Francesco Munzi’s film Black Souls, selected by Art Film Fest director Peter Nágel for the festival’s […]
17. June 2015

Late Night Show to feature goofy vampires and zombie apocalypse

A vampire comedy, a sophisticated sci-fi psychological thriller, a black comedy, a bloody massacre and, of course, a zombie apocalypse – all this and more awaits […]
17. June 2015

Missing genres in Slovak cinema? – YES or NO…

Missing genres in Slovak cinema? – YES or NO… (Does Slovak film need audiences?) – The 23rd Art Film Fest will feature an open discussion on […]
16. June 2015

Art Film Fest to present Slovakia’s first American indie film showcase

Slovakia’s very first presentation of the hottest trends in American indie film will be among the newcomers at the upcoming Art Film Fest, kicking off on […]
13. June 2015

Director Bastian Meiresonne will be coming to the festival

This year, the director and specialist Asian cinematography Bastian Meiresonne will be coming to the festival as well. His documentary “Garuda Power – The Spirit Within” will […]
10. June 2015

Short Films Jury

Anna Veilande-Kustikova is a film, animation and moving image art researcher and curator. She has graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts, Art History and Theory […]
10. June 2015

First animated film to vie for Blue Angel

As in previous years, Art Film Fest 2015’s centrepiece will be the International Competition of Feature Films. During the 23rd edition, held from 19 to 26 […]
4. June 2015

International Competition of Short Films

SHORTS I. Diera v srdci / A Hole in My Heart Réžia/Director: Mees Peijnenburg Stávaju sa veci, čo všetko obrátia v ticho. Stav, v ktorom už […]
6. May 2015

Art Film Fest 2015: Maidan, Berlinale’s best debut and more

An eight-day celebration of cinema awaits visitors at the 23rd edition of Art Film Fest, running from 19 to 26 June 2015 in Trenčín and Trenčianske […]
28. June 2014


The International Competition of Feature Films Blue Angel for Best Film Cesta ven | Cesta ven | The Way Out r. Petr Václav, CZ/FR, 2014, 103´ […]
27. June 2014

CLAUDIA CARDINALE: I’ve lived 141 lives

“The loveliest compliment I’ve ever received was from David Niven. When we were shooting The Pink Panther, he said: ‘After spaghetti, you’re Italy’s happiest invention.’” Today […]
25. June 2014

A good film is like a stunning girl

To make a good film, the story is most important. The camerawork doesn’t matter, says Răzvan Vasilescu. He has appeared in seminal works of the Romanian […]
23. June 2014

This year, Art Film Fest’s Golden Camera award went to Oscar-winning Hungarian director István Szabó.

This year, Art Film Fest’s Golden Camera award went to Oscar-winning Hungarian director István Szabó. At the press conference later, he reflected that an award won […]
10. June 2014

Art Film Fest to star Italian diva Claudia Cardinale, Oscar-winning Hungarian director István Szabó

Stars of the silver screen and films from the world’s most prestigious festivals will draw crowds to the 22nd annual Art Film Fest, held from 21 […]
21. May 2014

Art Film Fest to feature profile of British director Alan Clarke

Radical, uncompromising and pioneering. That sums up British director Alan Clarke, one of the greatest artists of his generation. Slovak audiences will get an up-close look […]
15. May 2014

Art Film Fest to award Czech actor Ivan Trojan and Slovak screenwriter Ondrej Šulaj

Ivan Trojan, one of the most respected and prolific Czech actors, and Ondrej Šulaj, writer of numerous major Slovak films, will personally accept their awards at […]
5. May 2014

Art Film Fest 2014 to begin 21 June

The latest and greatest films of world and Slovak cinema will be the focus of the upcoming 22nd Art Film Fest, which will be held from […]
28. June 2013

Art Film Fest acknowledges winners, Kazakh film Harmony Lessons triumphs

Wednesday marked the end of the 21st Art Film Fest, held from 21 to 26 June in Trenčianske Teplice and Trenčín. At the final red-carpet ceremony, […]
26. June 2013

I roam the world with open eyes

“I don’t make controversial films,” says director Ulrich Seidl, who will accept the Golden Camera at Art Film Fest today. In his view, it’s more that […]
25. June 2013

It depends on friendship between actor and director

The highest form of communication is mutual silence, says Martin Huba. Today he’ll be the latest to receive the Actor’s Mission Award, and a plaque bearing […]
25. June 2013

The critic is a bridge-builder

At Art Film Fest, Pamela Pianezza feels better than in Venice. “I don’t like mammoth festivals; there they leave you to your own fate, and you […]
18. June 2013

Exclusively at Art Film Fest – the original version of Cannes’s winning film

It’s official: the extraordinary commitment and combined efforts of Art Film Fest and multimedia distribution company Film Europe have been crowned with a smashing success. In […]
11. June 2013

Art Film Fest’s Actor’s Mission Award for Martin Huba and Barbora Bobulova, a tribute to Július Satinský, and Golden Cameras for Ulrich Seidl and Juraj Herz

Famous faces etched in viewers’ minds and famous names behind major cinematic oeuvres will pay a visit to the 21st Art Film Fest, running from 21 […]
11. June 2013

Cannes laureates to compete for Art Film Fest’s Blue Angel

The International Competition of Feature Films has long been Art Film Fest’s centrepiece. The festival’s upcoming 21st edition, running from 21 to 26 June in Trenčianske […]
30. May 2013

Art Film Fest to present special tribute to Július Satinský’s mastery

An outstanding actor, an unforgettable comic, a perceptive writer and a man with a big heart. That is how his family, colleagues and friends remember Július […]
13. May 2013

The best of Asian film is back at Art Film Fest

Asian cinema is about more than just kung fu and meditation. Its other, wilder, livelier, more passionate and more accessible sides will be featured yet again […]
13. May 2013

Art Film Fest to deliver exclusive Slovak premieres of world-class films

Motion pictures from the most prestigious international festivals, the latest films from the studios of major directors, hot new Slovak releases and extraordinary works of cinema […]
24. June 2012

Art Film Fest announces winners, Twilight Portrait triumphs

The 20th-anniversary Art Film Fest, held from 16 to 23 June in Trenčianske Teplice and Trenčín, ended successfully with today’s formal closing ceremony, Art Film Fest’s […]
23. June 2012

Kingsley: Storytelling is healing

Sir Ben Kingsley is fascinated by collective memory, as he lacks memories of his own childhood. At his master class yesterday, he posed an enigmatic question: […]
22. June 2012

Art Film Fest welcomes Sir Ben Kingsley

The star of the 20th Art Film Fest, Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley, has arrived in Trenčianske Teplice. His visit, sure to go down in the […]
21. June 2012

The winning film might be one I don’t vote for

“I try to have no expectations and approach each film with an open heart," says director SRDJAN KARANOVIČ, chair of the main jury at this year’s […]
21. June 2012

Czech actor Miroslav Donutil accepts Actor’s Mission Award

Miroslav Donutil, one of the Czech Republic’s most beloved actors, accepted the Actor’s Mission Award at Art Film Fest today. He personally placed a bronze plaque […]
20. June 2012

Actresses Siposová and Marcinková introduce 360 to enormous crowds at AFF

The 20th anniversary Art Film Fest offered audiences the exclusive Slovak premiere of 360, the international co-production from Oscar-winning filmmakers, whose cast includes Hollywood stars alongside […]
20. June 2012

Slovak films belong even to London

After hearing about the Art Film Festival in Trencianske Teplice for so many years, it is great to finally visit and to coincide with such beautiful […]
19. June 2012

Roma dance party to spice up Slovak Season

“I like to sing, and I hope you can tell…I hear bells of happiness ring in the distance…” begins Karel Gott and Dara Rolins’s legendary hit […]
18. June 2012

Art Film Fest star Emmanuelle Béart accepts Actor’s Mission Award

Having idolized football players as a girl, she hadn’t seen a single film till the age of 15, and it was a chance meeting that led […]
18. June 2012

Andrei Konchalovsky: 3D technology is nothing but Disneyland

“American cinemas earn more from popcorn and soft drinks than they do from the films themselves. That’s why they make movies where munching and crunching doesn’t […]
18. June 2012

Emmanuelle Béart: There’s no such thing as a good actor. Nor a bad one.

“I don’t like to travel, and I’m always scared to fly,” said Emmanuelle Béart as we began our interview. Today at Art Film Fest the French […]
17. June 2012

ART FILM FEST International Film Festival opens with heart and reminiscences

Reminding us that there is more to life than money, the 20th Art Film Fest got off to a flying start on Saturday in Trenčianske Teplice […]
16. June 2012

PETER HLEDIK: Treasure trove of stars and films to celebrate Art Film Fest’s 20th anniversary

Treasure trove of stars and films to celebrate Art Film Fest’s 20th anniversary Starting on Saturday, 16 June, fans of top-notch cinema from Slovakia and the […]