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7. June 2012

Cannes victor in exclusive Art Film Fest premiere

For acclaimed Palme d’Or winners to be screened at a Slovak film festival literally days after Cannes’s conclusion used to be a rarity. But last year […]
6. June 2012

Oscar nominees to face off in Competition of Short Films

One of Art Film Fest’s biggest crowd-pleasers is the yearly International Competition of Short Films. At the 20th Art Film Fest, running from 16 to 23 […]
6. June 2012

Art Film Fest competition to host international festival laureates

As in previous years, the centrepiece of the 20th Art Film Fest, running from 16 to 23 June in Trenčianske Teplice and Trenčín, will be the […]
29. May 2012

Slovak actresses alongside Jude Law in Art Film Fest premiere

For Slovak actresses Lucia Siposová and Gabriela Marcinková, it was the pinnacle of their careers to date: performing onscreen with stars like Jude Law and Anthony […]
22. May 2012

Art Film Fest to award Czech actor Donutil, world-famous director Konchalovsky

There will be no shortage of silver-screen celebrities at the 20th anniversary of Art Film Fest, running from 16 to 23 June in Trenčianske Teplice and […]
21. May 2012

A dancing Marek Ťapák and Ivica Sláviková with the mafia on her tail: Brand new Slovak releases at Art Film Fest

A poetic dance-musical starring a ripe-aged man and an upbeat, unusual film about young people searching for their soul mates. At the 20th Art Film Fest, […]
14. May 2012

Nazis in space and entangled teenagers: Wild & crazy films at Art Film Fest

They’ll unleash loads of laughs, suspense and even gore. They’ll come at you from an angle with a vampire invasion or fascinate you with their sheer […]
10. May 2012

Art Film Fest to provide martial-arts megadose

These promises are far from empty – prepare yourselves for Asia’s most intriguing cinematic delicacies. Eastern Promises is back at this year’s Art Film Fest, running […]
8. May 2012

Racism, drugs and unruly youth: all this and more in new British films

Avant-garde. Innovative. Fascinating. And full of new talent. That’s contemporary British cinema in a nutshell. The upcoming 20th Art Film Fest, running from 16 to 23 […]
8. May 2012

Art Film Fest to celebrate 20th anniversary with world-class films

A diverse selection of the past year’s most remarkable cinematic creations, films never before screened in Slovakia, new releases from the Slovak and Czech Republics, even […]
27. June 2011

Art Film Fest declares winners

The nineteenth annual Art Film Fest, held from June 17 to 25 in Trenčianske Teplice and Trenčín, ended successfully with a red-carpet closing awards ceremony. The […]
19. June 2011

Zdeněk Svěrák accepts Actor’s Mission Award, signs autographs at Art Film Fest

Zdeněk Svěrák’s relationship with the camera got off to a rocky start; in fact, he never really wanted to be an actor. Nonetheless, he’s become one […]
18. June 2011

Otík from “My Sweet Little Village” accepts Actor’s Mission Award

His portrayal of Otík in Jiří Menzel’s cult classic "My Sweet Little Village" (Vesničko má středisková) made an indelible impression on Slovak and Czech audiences, but […]
18. June 2011

I still want to shoot a film about destruction and breakdown

Even with yesterday’s gorgeous weather, Emir Kusturica made a gloomy impression. At Art Film Fest’s opening ceremony, the world-renowned director accepted the Golden Camera Award. But […]
17. June 2011

This Friday: 19th Art Film Fest begins, featuring world-class films and stars

Attention cinema fans: the 19th annual Art Film Fest begins on Friday, June 17, featuring the latest and most acclaimed pictures from renowned festivals like Cannes, […]
16. June 2011

Slovak Season to include premieres, young talent

At Art Film Fest’s upcoming nineteenth edition, fans of Slovak cinema will be treated to a bumper crop of locally-produced films, including several premieres and the […]
7. June 2011

Art Film Fest to present the latest international films, awards to Zuzana Kronerová, Emir Kusturica, among others

Winning films from the most prestigious international festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Locarno and Venice; exclusive premieres of long-anticipated pictures; the latest Slovak cinema; Asian blockbusters […]
7. June 2011

Juraj Jakubisko to helm Art Film Fest jury

The International Competition of Feature Films has established itself as the flagship of Art Film Fest’s programme. At the festival’s upcoming 19th edition, held from June […]
6. June 2011

Art Film Fest’s short film selection to feature several distinguished award-winners

One of Art Film Fest’s most consistently popular components is the annual International Competition of Short Films. At the festival’s nineteenth edition, held from June 17 […]
6. June 2011

Art Film Fest to present exclusive Slovak premieres of Cannes winners starring Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst!

Films that roused Cannes’ audiences from their seats, including one that left the French Riviera with the Palme d’Or in tow, will soon arrive at Art […]
2. June 2011

Three new releases straight from Cannes to compete at Art Film Fest

The International Competition of Feature Films has long been Art Film Fest’s centrepiece, and the festival’s nineteenth edition, held from June 17 – 25 in Trenčianske […]
31. May 2011

Art Film Fest packed with concerts

While Art Film Fest is primarily a celebration of cinema, we always offer fans of great music something to look forward to as well. As in […]
24. May 2011

The first Slovak film to open Art Film Fest!

For the first time in its current form, the Art Film Fest International Film Festival will be kicked off by a work from a Slovak filmmaker. […]
23. May 2011

Art Film Fest to present exclusive Slovak premiere of Václav Havel’s “Leaving”

This year’s Art Film Fest will present the exclusive Slovak premiere of “Leaving” (Odcházení), directorial debut of the last president of Czechoslovakia and first of the […]
18. May 2011

Dangerous Kids are coming to Art Film Fest for the first time!

Are children nothing but cute, sweet, cuddly little people? Or are they equally capable of transforming into immoral animals if left to their own devices? How […]
13. May 2011

The latest Oscar laureate: at Art Film Fest first!

From east to west and north to south, films from all across Europe will be on display at the nineteenth Art Film Fest, held from 17 […]
13. May 2011

Art Film Fest’s “Around the World” to feature Nicole Kidman, among others

Film devotees will have the chance to sample the cream of the world’s cinematic crop at the nineteenth annual Art Film Fest, held from June 17–25 […]
2. May 2011

Art Film Fest is back with more world-class cinema!

Films festooned with gold medals from prestigious international festivals, classic comedy masterpieces, the latest from Slovak filmmakers, fresh cinematic delicacies from Asia, a tribute to an […]
2. May 2011

Art Film Fest goes back to the sandpit

This year’s Art Film Fest has a new visual motif, presenting the festival’s name written in a playground sandpit littered with toys.   The poster’s concept […]
2. May 2011

Actor’s Mission Award for Svěrák, Oscar-winning creator of Jára Cimrman

Both as an actor and as a screenwriter, his films have achieved cult status. He created the legendary Czech “hero” Jára Cimrman, hailed as "The Greatest […]
19. July 2010

Follow-up to the 18th Art Film Fest at 4 Elements in Banská Štiavnica

”This is one of the reasons why we’ve recently decided to present the 18th Art Film Fest via titles from its international competition section of short […]
29. June 2010

Art Film Fest Sets New Attendance Record

There was also a great number of guests hosted this year at the 18th Art Film Fest. In total there were 416, including 76 filmmakers and […]
26. June 2010

Awards Decided at 18th Art Film Fest

The feature-length films were judged by a jury consisting of Hong Kong director Ann Hui, French film critic Shahla Nahid, Kosovan actor and producer Arben Zharku, […]
26. June 2010

Gérard Depardieu and the Actor’s Mission Award

“When I realize all the things that can be filmed nowadays, all the scenes that rely on special effects and ever more powerful techniques, I have […]
25. June 2010

Art Film Fest to premiere new Slovak film War Games and the Man Who Stopped Them

This documentary captures the story of a man who is according to historians the most noteworthy spy of the Cold War era. The spy in question […]
25. June 2010

We will discuss the Audiovisual Fund at Art Film Fest

The debate participants will include Martin Šmatlák and Tomáš Kamenec from the Audiovisual Fund, signers of the Open Letter to the Audiovisual Fund Mário Homolka and […]
25. June 2010

Discussion on Slovak film and establishing it in the international market

The main topics addressed will be the following questions: Do Eastern European films have a chance in the international market? What are the deciding criteria in […]
25. June 2010

Art Film Fest and Film Europe Media Company Bestow FILM EUROPE Award for the first time

Film Europe, together with the national thematically-categorized CS TV television channel package and the European cinema channel Film Europe TV, is launching the premiere FILM EUROPE […]
25. June 2010

A cinematographer has to adapt to each director

While you’ve shot a great number of films, your cinematographic work is particularly associated with Štefan Uher, with whom you’ve created the most pictures. What was […]
24. June 2010

F. T. Fridriksson with Award from Mayor of Trenčín

While accepting the award, the director cracked a joke: “I’m more used to bringing bottles home,"  alluding to vase’s bottle-like shape. But in the presence of […]
24. June 2010

I’ve still got my whole life ahead of me

You first appeared on the silver screen while still a student in 1965, in Dimitrij Plichta’s Šerif za mrežami (The Sheriff Behind Bars). People also remember […]
23. June 2010

Filmmakers from Spain, France, Israel and Poland to Present their Films

In the same cinema at 13:00, the Iranian-French director Nader Takmil Homayoun will present his feature-length debut Tehroun (Tehran). The film provides a slightly different perspective […]
23. June 2010

Milan Kňažko to Accept Actor’s Mission Award

After four years of study, he earned a two-year scholarship to study at the University of Nancy’s international theatre academy in France. When he returned to […]
23. June 2010

Cinema is the most powerful art form

Could you describe your connection to Slovakia? My connection to Slovakia started a long, long time ago. I first came to Europe alone as a broke […]
23. June 2010

The Essence of the Film is Love

It’s already been a year and a half since the premiere of Arsy-Versy, and you’ve toured a good part of the world collecting awards for it. […]
22. June 2010

A few questions for …

You make your movies using the form of found footage. How would you characterize this method of filmmaking? Found footage means you already work with finished […]
22. June 2010


You are a filmmaker. At this year’s film festival in Trenčianske Teplice you hold the position of jury chair. What do you think is harder: to judge movies […]
21. June 2010

Stones Premiered at Art Film Fest

The animated musical is the melodramatic story of a woman who cannot understand the world of men. It takes place in a rock quarry with ten […]
21. June 2010

In-person introductions in Art Film Fest’s feature-film competition section

The film tells of the adolescent boy Sebbe, who after his father’s death lives in a small flat with his mother. She drowns her grief in […]
21. June 2010

Art Film Fest Attendance Breaks Records

The festival kicked off with record attendance. In the first two days, over seven thousand viewers visited. In comparison with last year, screenings in Trenčín and Trenčianske […]