Festival Restaurants and Bars

Kaviareň Slávia

Hlavná 63, Košice


Café Slávia is a festival café and restaurant situated right in the heart of Košice. It’s a place that will captivate you, not only with its prime location and art nouveau-style interior but also with a rich selection of homemade desserts in the café and extraordinary culinary experiences in the restaurant. The latter has garnered esteemed recognition, being awarded the prestigious Golden Fork under the expert guidance of chef Juraj Hruška. Additionally, Boutique Hotel Slávia offers you exceptional accommodation, complete with breath-taking views of the Košice National Theatre.
Welcome to the Slávia cafe, where history full of stories comes alive again, and where you can write new ones.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Ohnisko Fire Dining & Brew Bar

Gorkého 9, Košice


“Ohnisko” – The Hearth is the place is the place where fire and smoke rule the kitchen. We have the Josper grill, which serves as the heart of the kitchen, the smokehouse, the aging room, and the fermentation chamber. The bar is exceptional for its variety of low-alcohol probiotic fermented beverages, a diverse selection of craft beers (7 on tap and approximately 80 n the bottles), an extensive range of gins and tonics, natural wines, and even specialty coffees.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Pub u Kohúta

Hrnčiarska 23 , Košice


Pub U kohúta is a traditional restaurant in Košice with over 30 years of history. “Kohút” is known for its authentic Central European cuisine, excellent tank Pilsner beer and quality wines. Occasionally, the pleasant dining experience is enhanced by high-quality musical performances. Alongside the most beautiful summer garden in the city, located next to the old city walls, “The Rooster” is known for a unique atmosphere that you will immediately fall in love with.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Tabačka Kulturfabrik

Gorkého 2, Košice


Tabačka Kulturfabrik is a unique cultural centre and open space for art, creativity, and collaboration in Košice. Situated in the former tobacco factory on Gorkého Street, it provides 2500 m2 dedicated to contemporary art, concerts, theatre, club film screenings, education, co-working, as well as an excellent bistro (with daily specials) and other facilities.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Maiko Sushi

Hlavná 1, Košice


Maiko Sushi is a sushi bar and restaurant located in the centre of Košice with a unique design. It offers the finest fresh sushi prepared by an excellent skilled master chef, allowing you to experience the true taste of Japanese cuisine. Your meal will be prepared by a team of experts in Asian cuisine, who have acquired their knowledge and skills from top sushi masters trained directly in Japan.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

CAFÉ DE PARIS – Francúzska cukráreň

Hlavná 69, Košice


The true essence of France awaits you in the pastry shop, where soft and crispy macarons, coffee with rich foam, and fluffy fresh cakes will please your palate. All these sweet temptations are prepared daily by the French pastry chef Jean-Charles Vanbeselaere himself, using traditional French recipes. At Café de Paris, the unique atmosphere brings you a piece of his native Paris: charming surroundings, French chansons and quality service.
Cinepass holders are not entitled to a discount. However, if you purchase a dessert or sorbet, you will receive a complimentary espresso/espresso lungo.

Pivovar Hostinec

Hlavná 65, Košice


The brewery attracts its guests with several interesting features. It is located in the “Levočský dom” (“Levoča house”), an eye-catching Gothic building that represents one of the essential symbols of Košice, and is the oldest building in Košice.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.
tel: 0902 580 580

CAMELOT restaurant & café

Kováčska 19, Košice


The quality of our Pilsner tank beer is of the highest priority. We pour it with love and experience from authentic Czech pubs. All our meals are prepared using fresh and seasonal ingredients, and the menu changes every day
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.
tel: 0903 580 580

Casablanca Cafe

Biela 260/1, Košice


Casablanca Cafe is a stylish café located in the centre of Kosice, known for its quality coffee, mixed drinks, and genuine entertainment. During warm summer days, we would be delighted to welcome you to our outdoor terrace, where we occasionally host small yet enjoyable parties with a DJ.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Jazz Club Café Restaurant

Kováčska 39, Košice


Three facilities under one roof: a stylish café, a restaurant with a pizzeria, and a modern disco club. A venue with a 30-year history in the heart of entertainment in Košice.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.


Kasárne Kulturpark, Košice


The Kulturpark complex, lined with green trees and a freshly mowed lawn, offers a picturesque view of Košice’s creative spaces from behind the glass walls of PAPA Café or from its summer terrace. The omnipresent caffeine and the natural daylight along with the friendly staff will allow you to sit here peacefully for hours.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.


Kováčska 2, Košice


A piece of authentic Cuba in the heart of Košice. Hot rhythms, passion, Mojitos, Daiquiris, music, and unrestrained fun. A Cuban bar where you can have fun, eat well, or enjoy authentic Cuban rum and cigars.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Kaviareň Kunsthalle

Rumanova 1, Košice

Even in the heart of the city of Košice, there is a rare multifunctional space that is perfect for both contemporary art and excellent coffee. In the Košice Kunsthalle or Art Hall, which was once an old indoor swimming pool, you can experience a unique atmosphere while enjoying a cup of coffee in this beautiful architectural building that you won’t miss even from a distance.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Kaviareň Veritas

Dominikánske námestie 8, Košice


In our espresso bar, we prepare drinks using only the finest ingredients. Our coffee is made of carefully selected coffee beans, which are expertly roasted by the team at La Cabra, a renowned Danish roastery. We offer a diverse selection of beverages including lemonades, loose-leaf teas, fruit juices, smoothies, maté, premium craft lemonades, as well as a unique range of wines, craft beers, and delicious cocktail classics.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Macarons Košice

Štúrova 14 , Košice


Macarons, choux pastries, mousses, tartlets, éclairs, craquelines, and other French desserts, filled with seductive flavors and high-quality, fresh ingredients. Experience our exceptionally fine-tuned flavors that will turn your ordinary day into an unforgettable experience.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.