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Festival Restaurants and Bars

In the following establishments, accredited guests and cinepass holders can enjoy a 10% discount on food and drinks:

Kaviareň Slávia

Hlavná 63, Košice


Slávia is the official festival café and restaurant. Viewers of Slovak public television will recognize it as the backdrop for the beloved music programme hosted by renowned musician Peter Stašák. Centrally located, the building itself has a rich history, having long played a key role in the city’s culture and cuisine. Today the building is home to a café and restaurant awarded with the prestigious Golden Fork prize and led by chef Juraj Hruška, as well as a boutique hotel offering luxurious accommodation. Soak up the bustling atmosphere of Hlavná ulica, Košice’s beating heart, on the café’s summer terrace while enjoying premium espresso, fresh lemonade and a slice of housemade cake. Treat yourself to the delicious fare and first-class service at Kaviareň Slávia.

Casablanca Cafe

Biela 260/1, Košice


Casablanca Café, a stylish coffee shop in Košice’s centre, offers top-notch coffee, mixed drinks and a seriously good time. Come enjoy our summer terrace, where we throw little parties with live DJs from time to time.

Jazz Club Café Restaurant

Kováčska 39, Košice


Three spots in one: a stylish café, a restaurant and pizzeria, and a modern discotheque. This Košice landmark has been at the heart of the city’s nightlife for over 25 years.

CAMELOT restaurant & café

Kováčska 19, Košice


Top-quality tank-draught Pilsner Urquell, tapped with love and experience gained at genuine Czech pubs. All the dishes on our daily rotating menu are prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Pivovar Hostinec

Hlavná 65, Košice


This brewery intrigues guests right from the start with several curiosities. It is located in Levoča House, one of Košice’s most iconic structures. The beguilingly beautiful Gothic building is the city’s oldest.

Pub u Kohúta

Hrnčiarska 23 , Košice


A perfect place to meet, sit and relax in the centre of Košice, with a history going back more than 25 years. Kohút has earned the designation Pilsner Music Restaurant, meaning that we have world-class tank-draught Pilsner Urquell on tap, we cook authentic, housemade Central European cuisine, and our pleasant atmosphere is often complemented by live music.


Bočná 407/8, Košice


Tucked away in one of the courtyards along Hlavná ulica, Pokhoi offers a truly serene ambiance. The terrace looks – and feels – like a postcard-perfect holiday. Sit back and relax next to ivy-covered walls with Christmas lights above you as you listen to the locals share their life’s wisdom.

Fest Coffee & Drink Bar

Hlavná 41,Košice


A relaxing setting in a cosy space with a summer terrace right under St. Urban’s Tower. A place where everyone feels at home.

Blue Bell & Blue Bell Piváreň

Bočná 6


Excellent coffee, dependably great atmosphere, theme events with live DJs, a concert venue for conservatory students and – new this year – a cosy beer garden called the Blue Bell Brewery.

Little Havana

Kováčska 13, Košice

With a loyal cult following, this exceptional rum and tapas bar will transport you to Cuba and whisk you away to Spain with its sundry delights. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet the proprietor himself and learn some of rum’s little-known secrets :D

Velkopovická Kozlovna

Hlavná 5, Košice


This little sister of Pub u Kohúta offers tank-draught beer, lip-smacking delicacies and live concerts.

Admiral Bowling

Laca Novomeského 7, Košice


Come have a blast at Košice’s biggest party spot! Choose from a wide selection of drinks while bowling and playing billiards with friends. Comfortable seating in a friendly setting, perfect for large groups, parties and company events.


Laca Novomeského 7, Košice


Yama is an inspiringly designed space packed with original performances and musical experiences. Featuring the culinary creations of Janík Lenhardt and his team @suhajici_pri_panvici.

Hoblina Gallery

Hrnčiarska 952/21, Košice


Hoblina Gallery is a project from sculptor Peter Pál, who spent years searching for the right place for his studio. When he found a gorgeous space in Košice’s Hrnčiarska ulica, also known as “Crafts Lane”, it seemed like a perfect fit. Combining business and pleasure, he expanded his studio space into a cultural venue: Hoblina Gallery and Art Bar for connoisseurs of fine coffee and wine.

Tabačka Kulturfabrik

Gorkého 2, Košice


Košice’s Tabačka Kulturfabrik is a unique cultural centre and open zone for art, creativity and collaboration. On the site of a former tobacco factory in Gorkého ulica, it boasts 2,500 square metres of space for contemporary art, concerts, theatre, film screenings, education and co-working, as well as an excellent bistro (with daily specials) and other facilities.


Mäsiarska 8, Košice


Mogu-Mogu is a Japanese family bistro with a Japanese chef and patio seating in the lovely courtyard at Mäsiarska 8. The menu includes, among other specialities, ramen, Japanese curries and light salads, as well as a wide range of Japanese beverages such as iced hoji tea, matcha tonic, yuzu lemonade, calpico, saké and umeshu, Japanese cakes and ice cream, and Japanese coffee. Simply an ideal spot for a relaxing festival get-together. We look forward to serving you!


Hrnčiarska 17, Košice


Whither dost thou lead me, O wayward path? O’er hoary stones to the Lane of Crafts… Come and discover Rozprávka (Slovak for “fairy tale”), an artisan’s house at Hrnčiarska ulica 17 (a.k.a. Crafts Lane) that’s full of hidden secrets. We’ll let you in on a few: a gallery, an antiquarian bookshop and a blossomy summer terrace, offering an all-day selection of top-notch coffee, housemade cakes and breakfast favourites.

Cukráreň Macarons

Štúrova 14, 040 01 Košice


The sweetest spot in Košice is Macarons! Our genuine French macarons will transport you to France from the very first bite. At Macarons, we offer our own sweet creations, freshly baked daily with love, including cakes, fancy gateaux and other desserts, all to bring some richly deserved sweetness into your life. Because after all, “La vie est douce.”


Orlia 10, 040 01 Košice


Welcome to the Vegan Restaurant with a taste of Asia – VegaHeaven. Our aim is to give you the opportunity to taste the richness of organic oriental cuisine. Its qualities are well known all over the world, and millions of people have already succumbed to the magic of these delicacies. Our dishes are prepared with an emphasis on quality ingredients and the variety of vegan cuisine. Come and taste our superior vegan cuisine, made with love by our vegan specialists. Fortunately, we live in a time when you no longer have to travel around the world for a gastronomic experience. Thanks to our Indian chef, the world will come to you on a plate. Positive dining with a generous pinch of love awaits you at Orlia 10 in Košice.

Montana Steakhouse Drive



Montana Steakhouse & Bar is a modern steakhouse in the heart of Košice, offering the best meat from the Black Angus breed. From May 2021, we have expanded our activities by including a food truck Montana Steakhouse Drive, where we offer a premium street food.


Kasárne Kulturpark, Košice


The complex of Kulturpark flourishing with greenery, trees and mowns: this picturesque view of creative space is offered from behind the glass wall of the PAPA café or its summer terrace. The ever-present caffeine and day light together with the smily staff will surely keep you here for hours.