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Press accreditation
Art Film Fest 2021

The application deadline for press accreditation at this year’s Art Film Fest is 20. June 2021.

Press accreditation applications are considered on an individual basis. The decision to grant accreditation takes into account media coverage of the festival in the year 2019. If evidence of such coverage is not found, accreditation will be subject to a €10 fee. Accreditation passes will be issued at the festival accreditation center in  Košice.

  • access to the Press Centre, where you will regularly updated information for the media
  • access to all press conference and Art Film Fest events
  • free internet access within the Press Centre
  • access to official photographs by request
  • information about special festival guests and the opportunity to reserve appointments for one-on-one interviews
  • the opportunity to prepare festival-related materials in the Press Centre
  • the opportunity to establish contacts related to other aspects of the festival


Because press accreditation does not guarantee accommodation, we recommend reserving lodgings as soon as possible.

Due to high interest and limited capacity of the venue, press accreditation does not guarantee access to the opening evening.

  • The official festival website, is the most authoritative source of information on the Art Film Fest IFF. In addition to basic information on the festival, it also features a downloadable, regularly updated festival programme and catalogue. Up-to-date information can also be found on the festival’s Facebook page.
  • In the Press section of the festival website, you will find press releases, information on press conference and downloadable photographs.
  • A login password for access to downloadable resources will be provided to you by the Press Centre staff.
  • The list of press conferences is updated daily. It can be found in the festival website’s Press section or by the Press Centre entrance.
  • Press conferences are open to all accredited journalists and, if capacity allows, to the public as well.
  • Interpreting services will be available for press conferences in languages other than Slovak.
  • To ensure that no AFF events escape your attention, the festival will prepare a daily schedule with information on every event planned for the following day, available in the early evening at the Press Centre, on the festival website or on Facebook.

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