Programme sections

2 9 t h  A R T   F I L M   F E S T   K O Š I C E

(16.  ̶  23. june 2023)

  1. International Competition of Feature Films (feature films produced after 1 January 2022)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch
  2. International Competition of Short Films (short films up to 30 min produced after 1 January 2022*)
    Programmer: Martin Kaňuch
  3. Panorama (a selection of the world’s most spectacular films from 2022 and 2023)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch
  4. Love & Anarchy (a thematically and formally daring sample of independent currents of cinema)
    Programmer: Martin Ciel
  5. Around the Neighbourhood (a genre exhibition of films from neighbouring countries of Slovakia)
    Programmer: Viera Langerová
  6. Slovak Season (a mirror of the home audiovisual environment)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch
  7. Movies for Kids (screening for children and families)
    Programmer: Ivana Petríková
  8. Tribute to Juraj Jakubisko (a tribute to one of the most important Slovak film directors)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch
  9. 60 Years of the Slovak Film Institute (selection of films digitally restored in the digitisation workplace of the SFI)
    Programmer: Marián Hausner (SFI)
  10. Tribute to the President (what Milan Lasica would like to see)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch


  • Actor’s Mission (tribute to outstanding representatives of the art of acting)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch
  • Golden Camera (award for outstanding filmmakers)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch

* Since the festival did not take place last year, the organizer reserves the right to apply an exception that entitles him to include titles produced in 2021 in the official selection this year.