Programme sections

2 8.  A R T   F I L M   F E S T   K O Š I C E

(19.  ̶  27. june 2020)

  1. International Competition of Feature Films (feature films copyrighted no earlier than 1 January 2019)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  2. International Competition of Short Films (short films copyrighted no earlier than 1 January 2019)
    Programmers: Martin Kaňuch, Daniel Vadocký
  3. Be2Can Starter (award-winning films from Venice, Berlin and Cannes)
    Programmers: Peter Nagel, Ivan Hronec
  4. European Corner (the most notable films of European provenance)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  5. Love & Anarchy (a representative sample of independent cinematic trends)
    Programmer: Martin Ciel
  6. Around the World (the latest titles from outside Europe)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  7. Variety Select: Art Films (a US critics’ selection of films about art)
    Programmer: Allisa Simon
  8. Neighbours Online (a theme- and genre-based collection of films from Central and Eastern Europe)
    Programmer: Viera Langerová
  9. Slovak Season (a reflection of the domestic audiovisual scene)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch
  10. Eastern Promises (crowd-pleasing hits from Asia)
    Programmer: Kristína Aschenbrennerová
  11. American Indies (focusing on the ultra-independent American film scene)
    Programmer: Daniel Vadocký
  12. Late Night Show (a midnight genre mishmash)
    Programmer: Adrián Žiška
  13. Children’s Movies (films for children and families)
    Programmer: Ivana Petríková
  14. Special Event (films out of official sections)
  15.  Focus: Kazakhstan&Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia Cinema under the spotlight of Festival Circuit)
    Programmer: Viera Langerová


  • Actor’s Mission (a tribute to masters of the art of acting)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  • Golden Camera (awarding outstanding filmmakers)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel